by Sur Duda

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Recorded, sporadically with many collaborators, at Cloudland Recording Studios throughout the month of September 2016, with exception to "Chandelier," recorded for "Group Therapy", vol. 3 and "Where the Nights Been," recorded on a less sophisticated device.


released October 13, 2016

Cover photo by Chris Waldon



all rights reserved


Sur Duda Fort Worth, Texas

Cameron Smith and the Helpful Handfull

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Track Name: Nothing's Gonna Change
Here I am staying up late again
maybe tomorrow I can sleep in
I'll lose my job and some of my friends
but maybe tomorrow I can sleep in

Feels like nothing's gonna change the way I am
even if I never figure myself out

Smoking a cigarette I swear that I'll quit
I may get old but I'll still be hip
Not like those heroes that start putting out shit
I may get old but not like them

Cause nothing's gonna change the way I am
Even if I never cough my lungs out
Feels like nothing's gonna change the way I am
even if I never chew my tongue out
Nothing's going to change.
Track Name: Fort Night
A fried chicken stand pierced by the shadow of a steeple
Taqueria signs poking their heads over the street
Complete sets of furniture litter front lawns and some people upon the steps
Take turns passing around something to eat

They're giving it up just like they were giving up a parking spot
Moving along--Out of the way may be the last thing anyone's got.

But what's so great about singing the same song every night?
Everything can be repeated except those first times
And lately I've been thinking that it's time for a rewrite

Pictures of pleasures tease people staring at the walls
pinup girls straddle beer posters under the neons
Best selling authors hone their craft in bathroom stalls
Every asshole's got a story about how they know Leon

Here in the Fort they've got everything that you could find in LA
A place to swill, a line to sniff, a date with nothing to say...
A strip of bars and most all of us still love it this way

What's so great about going to the same party every night?
When the sun goes down the neighborhood really comes alive
But lately I've been drinking, thinking I'd rather see it dead again

Take a picture and then it's already over
It was just a shift of frame and lens
Pull a pedal off of a four leaf clover
Luck isn't love but then I guess it all depends
On just what brand of entanglement you're looking for
Opportunity knocks and on occasion even kicks in the door

Still what's so bad about getting in the same fight every night?
You learn when to punch when to block and when to bite
But lately I've been thinking that I don't wanna see it coming

Tell me that story one more time about how you're gonna change
You're gonna paint, you're gonna write, You're gonna find yourself again
You're gonna save all that money that you've been syphoning
For poison and that's gonna fix your brain
So when you die real busy everyone will talk about the shit you did
But lately I've been thinking that you should just stop worrying about how it all ends.
Yeah, lately I've been thinking.
Track Name: Chandelier
The first time that I saw you
you were kissing a chandelier
You looked so beautiful with her
whispers in your ear
And I hoped right then and there
that my love would disappear
So I could set this body free
to lose itself in the mirror

That's when I found you there
Where nothing is ever clear
and nobody says just what they mean
But if its all the same to you
its all the same to me
Baby, their hearts read like magazines

The next time I saw you
You were aiming that arrow at me
The thrill was as real as the ocean
the waves they were capsizing
And I knew right then and there
it was foolish to wish for release
for I am a captive now
serving time in a sleepless dream

But you and I both were there
throwing our hands in the air
and trying not to swallow too much sea
So if its all the same to you
its all the same to me
and I still think one day
we'll all be free.
Track Name: It's Whatever
Its sad, its whatever
They'll never see the two of us together
They'll grow up and come down
to sip their drinks through our frowns
They'll learn much and forget much
they'll injure and heal like the rest of us
They'll ponder our regrets
and wonder how much they've inherited

What should they know?
How should I know?
I've got a song to sing though

It makes sense, I'll admit
It happens to all of us in some sense
We let go and lose grip
or we force these grins and bear it
but its our choice and its a dare
to what is there and what is not there

What should they know?
How should I know?
I've got a song to sing though.
Track Name: Where the Nights Been
Yes, the cork hates it when I drink
cause she feels so left out I think
but don't I always place her on
the counter top so gently?
And when I'm done, don't I pick her up?
Don't I let her goalie all the cups
that I long for as if they're already empty?

Oh but when I thirst
my thoughts get worse
'Is that cork swallowing first
what I so dryly left neglected on the nightstand?

I've got the blood, I've got the hands
I've got the stains and I've got the satins
but I just can't keep track of where the nights been

No, I just can't keep track of where the nights been.

Stop feeling sorry for yourself
aren't you sorry for anyone else?
You know that everyone carries around that weight
And when the cork does settle down
how it sinks into its crown
with crimson ring and swollen head
its so desolate

So we share this one last drink
We're still the last ones up, I think
Hell, we can't even recall why we were fighting

We've got the blood, we've got the hands
We've got the stains and we've got the satins
We just can't keep track of where the nights been.

No, I just can't keep track of where the nights been.