2x4 Tracks

by Sur Duda



Recorded at home in 2014


released December 8, 2016



all rights reserved


Sur Duda Fort Worth, Texas

Cameron Smith and the Helpful Handfull

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Track Name: Peace (Until War)
Follow me girl
Passage through the eye
Maybe tomorrow we can find
what you've waited for
If I could make a powerful lie
out of the pieces I've compiled
of the issues of your strife
This is hardly what you wanted it to be
and I'm not convinced entirely
it's worth listening to me.

Weather the storm,
Peace until the war.

Bring some good shoes
We've got some walking to do.
Maybe a cup of whatever
you could find to not dry up
Anything could happen
It's so unpredictable
though the day to day
is fashioned so
to make chance invisible.

This is hardly what you expected to see
and I'm not convinced entirely its worth
even looking... forward.

Weather the storm,
Peace until the war.
Track Name: Nurikabe
I must just be a modern man
full of excuses and processed plants
I've got blood in my sweat and sweat in my hands
I can't trust what I've done with them
My troubles aren't great at all
And yet I feel so small
I get overwhelmed and bled to death
When I hardly bleed at all

I look to the past to help
For I cannot help myself
My future is ugly
My history hangs above me
Which story will be the first to fall?

I wish that I could hop a train
wish that traveling eased my brain
But I worry that if I don't catch the wrong plane
There's no use in remembering my name

It sure is a silly little thought
But my ego weighs a lot
I could carry it around
Until I swim and drown
But when I die who gets what I bought?

And who am I to be? What kind of people are we? I had hopes and ambitions but then made the kitchen
Now I'm staring into the sink.
I'm staring into the sink.
Some with no drop to drink and yet all I think of is that if God is love does love exist in me?

Forgive me, forgive me please
I know not what I think
I guess what I mean was--
No fuck it I'll shut up.
I'll try my best not to speak